Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Enjoying the Holidays

My Etsy inventory wasn't nearly as large as I would have liked it to be for the Christmas shoppers as I wasted my summer on a foolish endeavor and didn't spend any time making things for the shop.  But that being said, I did have a fantastic black Friday with quite a few sales and they continue to trickle in so I am very happy about that.

I made sure that I didn't repeat last year's mistake and take on more orders than I can handle.  I took one big one but she placed the order in September and I finished it up a few weeks ago.  So instead of finishing up orders I can work on gifts.  I am also limiting the number of crocheted or knitted gifts this year.  I am learning to accept the fact that it is ok if I don't make something for each person in my family every year.  I decided I would start rotating. That will make it all the more special when someone gets something handmade right?

 This year my son will be getting a hat and scarf because I came across some alpaca yarn pretty much straight from the alpaca.  I met a lady with alpacas who sold me the yarn and it has not been dyed.  It is the natural color of two different alpacas.  One is brown and one is black and the yarn is so gorgeous.  Since my son is allergic to wool he is getting this gift.

My daughter who goes to school in Rochester NY asked me a few months ago to make her a "chulo" hat.  She never bothered with hats here in KS.  She just wore a hood.  But it is way to cold in Rochester to not wear a hat.  She wears hearing aids and most stocking hats make her ears ring so she thought a hat with ear flaps might work well for her.  So I made her the hat pictured here.  She already has it as it is already getting cold in upstate NY.  What she is getting for Christmas is a very warm cowl to match.  I am using the same yarn and basically just knitting a tube that I will sew together end to end for a double fabric cowl.

The last handmade gift will go to my son's girlfriend.  It is a lace cowl I am knitting for a class.  I am using a silk merino in sage green and I bought a gorgeous vintage button to make a brooch which will go on the cowl.  It just seemed like her.  If I get time I want to knit her a vintage style hat in the same yarn.

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