Monday, April 2, 2012

Adding Crochet to a Second Hand Purse

I have been noticing how many of the new purses coming out have elements of bright crochet.  Every time I see one I think "I can make that".  I also love ruffles so I came up with this.

I started with a purse I found at Goodwill.  The one I found is made to look like crochet.  You should be able to use any purse that has a good open weave.  Here is the purse I used before I crocheted on it.

As you can see this purse has obvious rows.  There are nine rows so I crocheted a different color of ruffle in to each of these rows.  I used sock yarn and it took about 30 yards of each color for a total of approximately 300 yards of yarn.  To make the ruffles I did six fpdc in each spot (see below).  I think if you use heavier yarn it would take less yarn and you probably could do less fpdc in each spot to make a ruffle.

Here is how to do a front post double crochet (fpdc).

The first two rows don't go all the way around as they are interrupted by the leather loops that hold the handles so for those two rows I went back and forth on both sides.  For the rest of the rows I was able to crochet all the way around.  

I added some beads and here is the finished project.

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  1. Oh my gosh Lisa, I love this. Thanks for the inspiration.


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