Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Latest Projects

These are my three latest finished projects.  The cowl is crocheted and is for me or my shop.  I will probably keep it as I wear a lot of red and I like it with a brooch and I have quite a collection of brooches, both new and vintage.  The yarn I used is Mirasol Tupa which is wool and silk.  It is very luxurious with a little sheen to it.

The socks are the first socks I have ever knitted.  I took a class from a great teacher at Twist (Susan).  We used heavier yarn than sock yarn (Regia Highland Tweed) so these are more like slipper socks.  They felt wonderful on my feet but they went to my mom for her birthday.  If and when I ever get time I will need to knit myself a pair.

The same goes for the gloves.  I want a pair for myself but these are going to my son Micah's girlfriend Erin for her birthday along with a matching hat that I am still working on.  These gloves were also made for a class at Twist of which Susan taught as well.  The yarn (Online Supersocke with Angora) for the gloves is wool with some angora and it is so soft.  The colorway knitted up so pretty for the gloves and is looking very nice on the hat (slouchy beanie) which has lace stitches.  I was reluctant to buy this yarn at first because it was a little pricey but one skein was enough for the gloves and the hat so I am now a big fan of this yarn and can't wait to try it for socks, a shawl and hairpin lace.

Besides finishing up Erin's hat I am also finishing up Noel's heavy scarf.  Her birthday is next Monday so this will be one of her gifts.  It is a knitted tube using bulky yarn (Charisma from Michaels) so it is extremely heavy and hopefully it will keep her plenty warm in Rochester this Winter.

After that I need to get busy on Micah's birthday present.  His birthday was almost a month ago.  I got some alpaca yarn almost straight off the alpaca (shorn & spun).  No dyes.  Just their natural color.  One skein is brown and one is black and they are so so soft. He will be getting a scarf and maybe some gloves. Alpaca is great for people who can't wear wool as Alpacas have no dander or lanolin like sheep.

My biggest and most important project this winter is to get my book room turned in to my yarn room.  I love to read but I love to knit and crochet a little bit more.  I have more books than I can ever read so I am going through them so see which ones I want to keep and read, which ones I think my mom will want, which ones are worth putting on paperbackswap.com or taking to bookaholic and which ones to donate to Goodwill.  It is  daunting task that is taking way longer than I had hoped.  But once I make room for all my yarn I will be very happy.  It will all be on shelves and organized so I don't have to dig through stacked bins every time I start a project.

I also have a few sewing projects in the works.  I have an idea for a large organizer that hangs on a door and holds circular knitting needles.  I also have some ideas for some yarn totes and project bags and I have a crocheted pillow top that needs a backing and a pillow.

I am so blessed to have the time to play so much with fabric, beads and yarn!

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